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Gold Mining Supply

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, Gold Mining Supply

Gold Pick by Teknetics (Metal Detector / Gold Digging Accessory) - $45.00

This Teknetics Gold Pick is a serious digging tool. It features a durable fiberglass handle and a rubberized hand grip. Includes a powerful super magnet attached to the head to quickly discriminate iron targets and magnetic hot rocks. The tool is well balanced and weighs 2 lbs.Tempered steel head: 10 longEdge: 3 wideOverall length: 19


Eureka Mining Inc., is very very proud to offer our customers the rare 100 Ounce Placer claim in Gentry Gulch in extremely mining friendly Mariposa County, Ca. Gentry Gulch is located in some of the finest placer mining ground in the state no question. This year round stream is unreal for gold production. In the 1990's a dredger took out 102 ounces in a season just 1/2 mile upstream from this claim. This lucky prospectors find I can prove as well if needed. The 100 Ounce claim is very secluded and primitive, however does have access for 4 wheel drive vehicles directly to this claim. Access isn't the best, however if you want big league gold then this is a perfect claim for you. You will have no problem getting into the claim with 4 wheel drive. This gulch in Mariposa County is well known by prospectors for being extremely rich and rare to find a claim on. There are no other claims that I have found available to buy or file on Gentry Gulch. Just upstream from the claim is the patented Hasloe Mine which produced over 3 million in free milling pocket gold. The gold I have found on the claim is very coarse and chunky meaning it hasn't traveled far from the source which I believe the source to be near the Hasloe Mine. Over millions of years of erosion and mountain up lifting these rich veins were deposited into Gentry Gulch. After massive flooding and erosion this year the claim will be extra productive. This claim has it all for mining, hard rock veins, gravel bars, exposed bedrock with crevices running across the gulch acting as a sluice riffle, pools, moss, etc. The chances of finding large nuggets here are very high. I have sampled this claim and the river just below numerous times and was extremely impressed with this area and can confidently say this is one of the richest areas I have sampled in Ca. Please feel free to sample and do your due diligence because I know you won't be disappointed. Claim is located near the small historic mining town of Coulterville, Ca smack dab in the heart of the mother lode. Gentry Gulch sits at an ideal 1650 feet in elevation for year round mining. You won't find another claim on Gentry Gulch as the ground is either private or claimed for years. Coulterville is located only 10 miles from the claim. Coulterville has a bar, general store, historic hotel, post office, etc. Neat small old mining town with very friendly people. If you need a larger town for supplies Mariposa is approx. 25 miles from Coulterville and Sonora is approx. 28 miles from Coulterville.

This is just one example of one of the many Gold Claims you might find here-this is just an example!!

A+ Rated with the BBB. Innovator of the year, 2016 E&MJ. Conservation award winner, 2014 and 2016. Charter member, US Historical Mines Society. Gold sponsor of the Mining Legal Society. Largest claim seller 4 out of the last 5 years. NBOM certified since 2012. A Top Rated Plus seller on eBay since 2003. The only seller to provide scientifically accurate gold and silver field numbers, unlike others who make claims about gold content that they can't back up. If a competitor is willing to lie about the industry proven/extremely effective XRF technology, what else are they willing to lie about?Don& buy from an amateur, no matter how much fluff they add to their listings. Buy from a proven leader who protects your investment and backs it up with more than a decade of experience. No husband and wife teams here! Still no phony/inflated transfer fees EVER! We have the most employees, the best research and the most offices of any seller. Period. No one else comes close!

Registered Mining Claim Sign -No Prospecting Allowed- Protect Your Mining Claims Registered Mining Claim Sign. This bright yellow Aluminum sign is a clear and inexpensive way to clearly mark your claims so that other prospectors can avoid them. Measures 11 x 7.5 inches in size. These aluminum claim signs are the perfect answer to a clear and inexpensive way to clearly mark your claims so that other prospectors can avoid them. They are bright yellow and professionally produced. The Registered Mining Claim is 11 inches wide and 7-1/2 inches tall and makes it obvious that this is an active mining claim. Sign Text REGISTERED MINING CLAIM This mining claim is protected under state and federal laws. ABSOLUTELY NO PROSPECTING ALLOWED This Include Panning, Sluicing, Dredging, Metal Detecting or Any Other Activities that Result in the Removal of Minerals. VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW

How to Mine and Prospect for Placer Gold

Bureau of Mines Information Circular - 1971

U.S. Dept. of the Interior

Gold Prospecting Techniques (Paperback or Softback)

Recent scientific studies confirm that early miners only scratched the surface and that 75 - 85% of the gold remains in "them thar hills". You can find gold! It's history, recovery methods, and identification techniques are revealed in this book. Learn where to look and what basic equipment you will need. Engage in an exciting, healthy, and profitable new hobby. Throughout history the story of mankind and the mention of gold have been closelt intertwined. It is almost universally considered to be the symbol of everything that is precious and of enduring value, thereby creating its role as a store of value for individuals and entire nations. The form that it has taken has been multi-faceted: from nuggets, ingots, coins, and idols to the current coin mintage of various countries around the world. It has been highly prized for its own attractive nature as well as its ability to withstand the rigors of time. It has been considered dear both because of the effort required to extract it from nature and its scarcity relative to the other metals on earth. You can find gold! It's history, recovery methods, and identification techniques are revealed in this book. Learn where to look and what basic equipment you will need. Engage in an exciting, healthy, and profitable new hobby.