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blueberry plants Blueberry - 'Gulf Coast'- Vaccinium (Southern Highbush) Description This auction is for one (1) Blueberry - 'Gulf Coast'- Vaccinium live plant. One of the better low-chill varieties requiring 100-200 chill hours, a good variety for homeowners. This heat-tolerant cultivar is a prolific producer of medium-sized berries from mid- to late spring, weeks before the rabbiteye blueberry season. The firm, succulent fruits are preceded by pinkish-white flowers. The attractive blue-tinged semi-evergreen foliage turns red in cold weather. This vigorous upright cultivar eventually forms a broad, 4-6' shrub.This handsome shrub also works well in hedges, shrub borders, and other ornamental plantings Cultivation Plant in full sun and well draining soil. Needs regular water weekly, more often in extreme heat. Heat and humidity tolerant. Early blooms may require protection from frost. Medium growth rate with upright habit. Soil Acidity 4.5 and below. Zones 6-10. These 6"+ plants come in 2.5" x 2.5" x 3.5" deep pots.