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6 Person Family Camping Tents

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6-Person Instant Tent Outdoor Cabin Waterproof Family Dome Portable Camp Shelter

Conveniently convert an existing 10' x 10' straight leg canopy (sold separately) into a standard style tent by pairing it with the Ozark Trail 6-Person ConnecTent for Canopy. Each kit comes with four sides that have built-in windows and a sheer cathedral ceiling. This Ozark Trail camping tent features a spacious interior and has plenty of ventilation. Set up your canopy cover during a backyard barbecue or while camping and enjoy the daylight, and then convert it with this kit to enjoy a night in the outdoors. Two queen-sized air mattresses will fit inside the 6-person camping tent. This unit connects securely to the canopy legs. Bring the portable Ozark Trail 6-Person ConnecTent for Canopy with you and set it up when needed.

Ozark Trail 6-Person 10 x 10 ft. ConnecTent for Straight-leg Canopy:
Convert a 10' x 10' straight-leg canopy (sold separately) into a tent
Spacious interior with cathedral ceiling
Windows on all 4 sides provide cross ventilation
Floor size: 10' x 10'
Center height: 98"
Sleeps up to 6 people
Sets up in 10 minutes
Fits 2 queen air mattresses
E-port provides easy access for an extension cord
This 6-person camping tent cannot stand alone without the canopy (canopy not included)
2-3 season tent
Carry dimensions: 25" x 8.75" x 8.75"
Carry weight: 11.33 lbs
Model number: W604.1

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