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Raptor Flare 2.0 The World's Best Highbanker? The Raptor Flare 2.0 was released Feb 2016 and is the updated and improved version of the original which was our top selling unit. DON'T be fooled by its compact size. This unit can EASILY keep 4-5 people busy all day long. In fact, when tested by real customers, they said it "kicked their butts". It's already being called the best highbanker on the market for the money. UNDERSTAND DUAL ZONE TECHNOLOGY. It's a critical factor when run high dirt levels and trying to maintain high capture rates. Precision built using high-grade aluminum, forming, and welding, the quality is TRULY AMAZING. For over 5 years miners AROUND THE WORLD, in 35 countries, have trusted the Gold Hog name. The average miner can run 100+ buckets an hour depending on their material. The effective and TESTED capture rate is 98% + down to 100 mesh flour gold. The unit is best run with a 2" semi-trash pump, but you'll need to neck it down to 1.5" hose. (See the video for more info.) The AMAZING wash box DESTROYS dirt and clay and the new Clay Claw holds rocks until YOU say they're clean. NO MORE GETTING WET.... Unlike normal spray bars, this header box runs SMOOTH. The DUAL ZONE technology makes sure that gold of all sizes get caught, even when pushing it hard.

Sluice Fox Modular Sluice Box System for Gold Panning Kits

Sluice Fox Modular Sluice Box System for Gold Panning Kits Patent Pending Modular Sluice Box Design. Includes Sluice Box and Removable Flare. Connect Multiple Units Together End-To-End or Side-To-Side to Create Your Ideal Tool. Set Measures Approx 31" x 7.5" x 2.5" when Assembled Together - Weight: 2.45 lbs. Features 3 Sets of V-Shape Channels and 2 Miner's Moss Pockets Lightweight, Impact Resistant Polypropylene Plastic Construction A modular sluice box to meet the unique demands surrounding each pocket of precious metal that is discovered. Limitless configurations and expandability to allow for full control of operation size, water flow, angle and pitch. Born in the rivers and mountains surrounding historic Keyesville California, Sluice Fox exists to bring portability and ease of use to every prospector, backpacker, and entheusiest in search of a durable and expandable sluice box solution.

RDH Prospecting Power Sluice Box Setup Kit . This kit include's our New RDH -32"L x 6"W sluice with flair , RDH- 8"L x 6"W x 6"H header box, RDH - 8.5"W x 24"L sluice stand , 12 volt 800-gph pump , 4 ft of 3/4" hose. RDH power sluice header box setup and the 800-gph 12-volt pump all adds up to a good Hi-volume power sluice. It can also be used with a recovery tub to complete a power sluice recirculating system. We make this kit to be used as a sluice or a recirculating system.