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Gather around the campfire and enjoy a meal together with the Redneck Convent Outdoor Camping Cookware Set – Compact Camp Cooking Backpack Mess Kit – Campfire Pot, Pan, Utensils in Drawstring Bag. This set removes the barriers of cooking outdoors. The brightly colored orange handles and pot lid handle keep you from losing your gear in the outdoors. Finished eating? The handles quickly collapse after you are done cooking. The entire kit folds together and is completely self-contained. Once all items are placed in the canvas carrying bag, slip your portable kitchen into a standard backpack or camping bag. This comprehensive set includes 1 pan, 1 pot & lid (1 liter), 2 bowls, 1 ladle, 1 spork, 1 wooden spatula, 1 cleaning loofa sponge, and 1 drawstring carrying bag for your convenience; the set weighs 1 pound. ENJOY THE GREAT OUTDOORS: The Redneck Convent Outdoor Camping Cookware Set – Compact Camp Cooking Backpack Mess Kit – Campfire Pot, Pan, Utensils in Drawstring Bag is perfect for camping, hiking, picnics, emergency camping preparedness kits, scouting trips, and other outdoor activities FOLDING SET FOR COMPACT STORAGE: Entire set is lightweight, portable, collapsible, and fits into a very small canvas carrying case (included) that can easily be placed in a backpack or hooked to a lanyard by the drawstring (1 POUND CARRY WEIGHT) SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT: Instead of wasting disposable cookware and dinnerware that quickly pile up in a landfill, reuse this set for every meal; Pot and frying pan are made from non-toxic anodized aluminum alloy; Bowls and ladle are BPA free EASY CLEANING: Comes with convenient loofa washing sponge for easy removal of baked-on food particles; Non-stick pot and pan surfaces ensure fast cleanup with each use PACKAGE CONTENTS: Full cookware set for 2 people including (1) pan, (1) 1-liter pot & lid, (2) bowls, (1) ladle, (1) spork, (1) wooden spatula, (1) cleaning loofa sponge, and (1) drawstring carrying case for your convenience



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