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PastureRX Premium Pasture Grass Seed Mix - Forage Mixture for Livestock, Cattle, Sheep, and Horses - NON GMO Formula - 23 lbs - Covers 1 Acre Product Details Product Dimensions: 28 x 18 x 5 inches Item Weight: 23 pounds Shipping Weight: 23.2 pounds Manufacturer: Barenbrug Item model number: Premium Pasture Grass Seed Mix - 7-10 DAY GERMINATION: Rapid establishment for quick and sustainable growth. Also ideal for repairs NON-GMO: Excellent nutritional content with a balance of non-GMO grasses and legumes; highly digestible and palatable YELLOW JACKET ENHANCED SEED COATING: Finished with an exclusive seed enhancement that improves seedling establishment under marginal conditions and produces improved plant growth even after establishment UN-MATCHED SEED ABSORBENCY: Each micro-granule holds 600 times its weight in water RECOMMENDED PLANTING SEASONS: Ideal for planting in Winter/Early Spring and late Summer/Early fall COVERAGE: One bag covers one acre PastureRX is a balanced mixture of grasses, & legumes. These modern varieties were developed through standard breeding & selection practices, & are not gmo’s. PastureRX will establish quickly, producing highly palatable, high- quality pasture that competes with undesirable species when appropriately managed.