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build your own picnic table plans

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picnic table plans click here

Plans are of a large picnic table designed for superior strength and longevity while comfortably seating up to eight people. The plans detail an assembly method to avoid leaving visible nails/screws for easy cleaning and better aesthetic appeal. This is an easy to build table that can be done in a day or two. Raw material costs are estimated at $100-$150. To the left are sample pages so you can get an idea of what you will be receiving. They have been blurred to protect IP.

Some Key Benefits

Significantly cheaper than store bought.
Great for family/neighborhood cookouts.
Satisfaction of building your own masterpiece.
Convenient design to allow everything on the table to be within reach to each person. Also makes for easier conversation.
A possible source of income once neighbors want you to build them one.
I will send a PDF of the plans via email within 12 hours of receiving the email address from you after purchase.

91-3/4"W x 91-3/4"D x 31-1/4"H

Plan Features
Professionally Generated Engineering Drawings With Step-By-Step Instructions
Store Purchase List
Required/Recommended Tools List
Staining and Finishing Suggestions
100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee!!!!
Materials Are NOT Included